Express transport is an important part of DML-LOGISTICS’s transport business activity. We offer express services with using dedicated vehicles. This system ensure full promptness as well as flexibility of our services in the range of delivery chain management. 

The service include:

  • Continual contact with the driver and assigned forwarder
  • satellite trucking on all vehicles
  • high value goods insurance guarantee with our OCP (200 000 EURO)
  • double drivers stuff possibility

We provide time critical deliveries to every airport in Europe. DML LOGISTICS  also supports industry market associated with aerospace. We regularly operate between companies which manufacture composites and spare parts for aerorplanes. In this case, we can especially provide air-ride vans.



Automotive and Industry


In this sector DML LOGISTICS offers full dedication and total solution every time. What would you say for all night of movements between 2 or more factories? With DML LOGISTICS  you can take advantage of a few vans engaged only for your company. You will be able to do as many movements as you need all day & all night without any fears about availability of the vans. You can work smoothly and one of our employees will watch over all operations.