LTL comes from words ‘Less than Truck Load’ and means loading, which takes only a part of full vehicle’s capacity. Part load term is also used for this kind of services. The mentioned line of business is getting a crucial element that is a response for fast changing demands in transport market and our partners’ needs. Our domain are loads from 1 to 1000 kilos, taking from 1 to 10 palette’s places. Consolidation of smaller loadings enable us to low transport costs.

This service include:

  • wide range of connections around Europe
  • delivery time within 2-5 days
  • vehicles also with tail lifts
  • on time deliveries
  • lower costs 

Part-load services offer our partners their smaller parts goods’ transport in good price.


One of DML-LOGISTICS specializations is a dedicated transport, carried out without reloading, from point A to point B - directly to the designated location. 

This type of transports are carried out using safety seal on the cargo space. The design of the seal prevents its removal without visible traces of tampering. This type of security measure will give you 100% certainty that the load is transported safely. 

The advantages of dedicated transports are primarily short delivery time and adaptation to individual needs of the customer. 

Dedicated deliveries are mainly performed in Poland and Western Europe. Constant monitoring of our vehicles allows us to control the transport at every stage. 100% secure and timely delivery is our priority.



DML-LOGISTICS also offers a comprehensive moving services in Poland and abroad. Our offer includes:

  • Moving of flats
  • Moving of houses
  • Moving of offices

Additionally, we offer packing of property, transport and storage.

We offer various kinds of materials necessary for the safe transportation of their property, including:

  • Cartons
  • Protective materials such as: foam, bubble film, polystyrene fillers, etc.
  • Additional materials such as: tape, stretch film, paper, etc.

Among moving services, a special role is played by moving companies and institutions.

In these types of moves, ensuring smooth functioning of the company during the transfer of its registered office or branch becomes the top priority. Any downtime in the operation of the company involves huge costs. In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we use specialized equipment and proven logistics solutions in order to quickly and efficiently eliminate the problems associated with the relocation of company headquarters. We assume full responsibility for the office equipment, documents, etc. entrusted us.


ASAP - popular acronym for ‘As Soon As Possible’ phrase.

It is used when it is difficult to specify the delivery realisation time simultaneously with the demand for getting to a destination point at possibly earliest time.  We are offering express transport in important or emergency cases for you with delivery by your set deadline - 'Special Time Express Delivery’. We provide this kind of services around Europe, for example (mainly transport directions):

  • PL → FRANCE → PL
  • PL → SPAIN → PL
  • PL → ITALY → PL

DML Courier is an offer that rely on delivering very important goods in possibly the shortest period. We ensure an individual approach, expert advice on best delivery solution, planning optimal route, full time updates throughout the journey, satellite tracking on the vehicle. It is the best option when accuracy as well as information consistency are important, especially in critical or emergency situations.

The service include:

  • continual contact with the driver and assigned forwarder
  • satellite trucking on all vehicles
  • regular reports on vehicle’s position
  • high value goods insurance guarantee with our OCP (200 000 EURO)


DML-LOGISTICS’s vehicles support fairs and all kinds of exposures, not only in Poland, but also around Europe. We have a rich experience in fairs around UK. We took part in many London’s undertakings.

Availability of our fleet, promptness as well as acquired experience let us offer you a comprehensive service with organising a successful event and conformance with our partners’ needs. We will provide the whole logistics process – doesn’t matter if you entrust us works of arts, specialist products, machines or advertising materials. Knowledge of the English language allows us to maintain in constant contact with the organizer, which is extremely important for proper implementation of transport to the fair. Our team of professionals will ensure that the transported exhibits or promotional materials arrive on time.

Our transport is closely adapted to the requirements of exhibitors and organizers.


Express transport is an important part of DML-LOGISTICS’s transport business activity. We offer express services with using dedicated vehicles. This system ensure full promptness as well as flexibility of our services in the range of delivery chain management. 

The service include:

  • Continual contact with the driver and assigned forwarder
  • satellite trucking on all vehicles
  • high value goods insurance guarantee with our OCP (200 000 EURO)
  • double drivers stuff possibility

We provide time critical deliveries to every airport in Europe. DML LOGISTICS  also supports industry market associated with aerospace. We regularly operate between companies which manufacture composites and spare parts for aerorplanes. In this case, we can especially provide air-ride vans.



Automotive and Industry


In this sector DML LOGISTICS offers full dedication and total solution every time. What would you say for all night of movements between 2 or more factories? With DML LOGISTICS  you can take advantage of a few vans engaged only for your company. You will be able to do as many movements as you need all day & all night without any fears about availability of the vans. You can work smoothly and one of our employees will watch over all operations.