Timeliness in fulfilling our orders is undoubtedly our advantage. We make every effort to ensure that our shipments are always on time. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

By systematically increasing the fleet, training drivers, improving the flow of information and using the newer logistics solutions, we strive to achieve and maintain one hundred percent level of long-term timeliness.



Punctuality of our deliveries over the period of 2009-2015 is illustrated by the charts below:



Analyzing the above charts, you will notice a significant increase in timeliness of our shipments within the six consecutive years.


We owe the increase in timeliness to the following factors:

  • Increasing and modernizing the DML-LOGISTICS fleet 
  • Increased effectiveness of planning
  • Increased efficiency in company management
  • Raising the qualifications of the team, in particular the domestic and international freight forwarders