The highest quality of services provided by DML-LOGISTICS and maximum customer satisfaction is our primary goal.


Good quality is not the result of coincidence, but of planned and coordinated efforts of our entire organization, at every level. We eliminate all the negative factors that may lower the quality of our services and affect customer satisfaction. By monitoring the transport, we are able to prevent any defects and deficiencies. 


Pro-quality approach is visible in every aspect of our business. It involves the entire DML-LOGISTICS team working together, improving their skills, motivation and commitment. A satisfied customer is our joint success.


The required level of quality is achieved through: 

  • purchase and use of modern vehicle fleet,
  • efficient use of working time,
  • focus on the customer,
  • systemic and organized action


The benefits of our quality policy are:

  • trust of our customers
  • customer satisfaction resulting from our knowledge and fulfillment of their needs
  • competitiveness in the market of forwarding services
  • smooth functioning of the company
  • shortened time of service execution
  • avoiding errors at every stage of operation
  • effective planning
  • conscious efforts of the team in pursuit of our company’s objectives
  • maintaining a constant need for development and acquiring new skills
  • safety of services performed
  • improved timeliness